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Select Doors & Drawers


Doors and Drawers

These doors and drawers feature outside mounting, double wall and square edge contraction, a slim tubular stainless steel handle and heavy-duty magnetic latch. Available in 16 door and 10 drawer configurations and styles.

FM_33816S_Select Access Door W_Platter S

Access Door/Drawer Combo (with
Platter Storage & Double Drawer)

Model #: 33816S
Cut-out: 18½”h x 36½”w x 26”d

FM_33930S-12T_Select Double Doors W_Tank

Double Doors with Tank Tray & Dual Drawers (w/Louvers shown)

Model #: 33930SL-12
Cut-out: 21”h x 30½”w x 20½”d

Model #: 33930S-12 (w/o Louvers)


Single Door w/Dual Drawers

Model #: 33820-SR or SL
Cut-out: 21”h x 14½”w x 20½”d


Double Drawer

Model #: 33802
Cut-out: 16”h x 14½”w x 20½”d


Vertical Single Access Doors 

Model Shown: 33924-SR


Horizontal Single Access Doors

Model Shown: 33914-SR

FM_33930S_Select Double Access Doors.jpg

Double Access Doors

Model Shown: 33930S


Door/Drawer Combo

Model #: 33810S
Cut-out: 18½”h x 30”w x 26”d

FM_33830-SW_Select Electric Warming Draw

Electric Warming Drawer

Model #: 33830-SW

Cut-out: 13”h x 31”w x 20½”d


Double Doors with Two Dual Drawers

Model #: 33930S-22
Cut-out: 21”h x 30½”w x 20½”d

FM_33830-S_Select Masonry Drawer.jpg

Masonry Drawer

Model #: 33830-S
Cut-out: 13”h x 31”w x 20½”d


Door with Tank Tray & Louvers

Model #: 33820-TSL or TSR
Cut-out: 21”h x 14½”w x 20½”d


Single Drawer

Model #: 33801
Cut-out: 5¼”h x 14½”w x 20½”d


Triple Drawer

Model #: 33803
Cut-out: 26¼”h x 14½”w x 20½”d


Single Access Door w/Louvers

Model #: 33920-1-SL or SR
Cut-out: 21”h x 14½”w

Vertical Single Access Doors

Model #      Hinge    Cut-Out

33920-SR    Right     21″h x 14 1/2″w
33920-SL     Left      21″h x 14 1/2″w
33924-SR     Right    25″h x 17 1/2″w
33924-SL     Left      25″h x 17 1/2″w

Horizontal Single Access Doors

Model #      Hinge    Cut-Out

33914-SR    Right     15″h x 20 1/2″w
33914-SL     Left      15″h x  20 1/2″w
33917-SR    Right     18″h x 24 1/2″w
33917-SL     Left       18″h x 24 1/2″w

Double Access Doors

Model #    Cut-Out

33930S     21″h x 30″w
33938S     16″h x  39″w

+Buffet Warming Accessory available. Model No: 23830-SW-CD

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