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Legacy Doors & Drawers

Doors and Drawers

Legacy Single Access Doors are designed with an elegant single wall construction. Featuring the most economical style and the versatility of left or right access, the door is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and has a black latch handle for opening convenience.

Masonry Drawer

Model #: 23830-S
Cut-out: 13”h x 31”w x 20½”d

Vertical Single Access Doors

Model #: 23920-S
23918-S Cut-out: 18½”h x 12½”w
23924-S Cut-out: 24½”h x 17½”w
23920-S Cut-out: 20½”h x 14½”w
23920-1-S* Cut-out: 20½”h x 14½”w

*Door includes louvers

Single Door w/Dual Drawers

Model #: 23820-S
Cut-out: 20½”h x 14½”w x 20½”d

Horizontal Single Access Doors

Model #: 23917-S
23912-S Cut-out: 12½”h x 18½”w
23914-S Cut-out: 14½”h x 20½”w
23917-S Cut-out: 17½”h x 24½”w

Door with Tank Tray & Louvers

Model #: 23920-1T-S
Cut-out: 20½”h x 14½”w x 20½”d

Double Access Doors

Model #: 23930-S
Cut-out: 20½”h x 30”w

Double Doors with Trash Tray & Dual Drawers

Model #: 23930S-12
Cut-out: 21”h x 30½”w x 20½”d

Louvered Stainless Steel Venting Panel

Model #: 5510-01
Cut-out: 3¾”h x 12¾”w

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