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 Premium "Deep" Cleaning: Starts at $270.00
The Premium Barbecue Cleaning service generally takes about 2-3 hours. Parts replacement and additional repairs may be provided with this service at an additional charge.
  • All main components of the barbecue grill will be removed and cleaned thoroughly using safe environmental cleaning products.

  • The interior of the grill will be vacuumed, scrubbed, and washed as well, removing all major grease deposits and built up grime that obstructs the performance of the burners and the gas valves.

  • The grease drip pan will be removed and washed.

  • Side burners will be cleaned as well in the same manner.

  • Gas control knobs will be examined and lubricated in the Process.

  • The hood of the barbecue grill will be washed and cleaned from inside and outside.

  • The exterior of the barbecue grill will be cleaned and polished with stainless steel polisher.

  • New Parts and are an additional cost.

  • Extra large <42" and/ Or extremely dirty grills may incur an additional cleaning fee of $55.
  • Weber grills have special pricing, please call us for more info.
 Semi-annual Cleaning: $189.00 (Grills up to 36'')
  • It is a deep cleaning as described above that is done periodically every 6 months interval.

  • This service ensures your grill functionality at manufacturer standard and cleanness of your bbq at all time.


  • Grill tune up is included in the semi-annual cleaning program ensuring the vital operational components of the grill are in a good working condition.

  • Having your bbq cleaned and checked regularly is essential for prolonging its life span by maintaining the fire box and inside parts of the grill free from acids, grease and food particles which contribute in rapid deterioration of the stainless steel with the high heat from the grill use.


  • Each time a bbq condition report will be provided along with any recommendations, notices and tips particular to your grill make and/or model. 

  • New Parts are an additional cost.

 Fire Pit Clean Out / Fire-ring installation: $239.00
  • Including Removal of Lava Rocks, Sands, or other filler materials and cleaning out the bottom of the fire pit, checking the gas control valve and the pipe connections for leaks. Check and test fire ring burner for clogging, rusting, and breakage.

  • New burners and/or other parts are additional cost.

Quarterly Cleaning: $139.00 (Grills up to 36'')
  • It is a deep cleaning as described above that is done every 3 months intervals.

  • Quarterly maintenance program is ideal for those who demand perfection and want their grill in tip - top condition each time they come to use it.

  • It is also suitable for the bbq grills that are in heavy use by home owners or multi-use "public" grills in condominiums and apartment complexes.


  • Grill tune up is included in the quarterly cleaning program ensuring the various operational components of the grill are in a great working condition.

  •  This program provides the utmost maintenance and caring for your high-end appliance.

  • Each time a bbq condition report will be provided along with any recommendations, notices and tips particular to your grill make and/or model. 

  • New Parts are an additional cost.

New Grill Sales:


  • We are dealers and distributor for most of the major grill manufacturers in the market such as FireMagic, AOG, TEC infrared , Summerset, Blaze, DCS, Alfresco, Artisan, PGS, Coyote, Primo, Sunstone and Cal flame grills. with a full line of high quality stainless steel grills and so many different sizes, we are sure that you will find the perfect product of your need. Whether it's a free standing or built in BBQ grill, we can provide you with a no obligation quote. Contact us to discuss further details.​

  • Ask about our bonus that comes with most new grill purchases !!

Outdoor Kitchens:


  • Outdoor kitchen solutions Constructed from durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete/sturdy metal frame constructed from commercial-grade 16-Gauge Galvanized Steel easily assembled on site, our island systems make a stunning statement. GFRC derives its strength from high dosage of alkali-resistant glass fiber and acrylic polymer that is flexible with out cracking. The island bases are a textured Cafe Blanco finish complemented with contrasting polished GFRC smoke countertops that provide a handsome concrete look that works in most any backyard.

 Service Call: $79.00
  • A technician will perform a full inspection and evaluations of all your barbecue grill parts and components providing you with a complete diagnostic information about your barbecue grill performance and recommended cleaning and services.

  • Grill parts and components such as burners, igniters, heat trays, cooking grates, gas control valves, regulators, gas connections, and control knobs will be inspected.

  • Minor adjustments and corrections may be done during the service call appointment.

  • A written estimate will be provided to you upon completion of the grill inspection indicating all parts and services required for your barbecue grill.

  • The BBQ service call does not include cleaning and repairing.

  • BBQ grill parts are extra.