Who we are:

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We are a family-owned and operated company based in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida.

Our Staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy professionals who are dedicated to providing top-notch barbecue grill full services for wide variety of customers including homeowners, condominiums, apartment complexes and much more!



Grill renovation which would involve replacing the internal barbecue parts including BBQ Burners, Valves, BBQ Heat Shields, BBQ Cooking Grates and other BBQ parts costs about half the price of purchasing a new barbecue grill - which could mean a savings a few thousand dollars!

Because most of the internal parts of a Gas BBQ Grill (Such as the BBQ Burners, Heat Shields, and other internal BBQ parts) are exposed to high heat, food acids, sauces and harsh conditions, those parts tend to "wear out" much faster than the actual Barbecue Grill Housing or exterior "Shell" of the grill. Generally, the housing remains in good enough condition whereby you do not need to remove the entire grill and replace it with a new one, but you can "Renovate" your BBQ grill at a much less cost of a new one!


Based on a price/value relationship - considering the cost of a complete Barbecue Renovation vs. purchasing of a New BBQ Grill, we have found that the majority of the customers choose to have their current barbecue grill renovated and restored back to near-new condition rather than purchase a new grill that would cost more.

However, some customers decide they would like the "updated technology" of a new BBQ Grill. Interestingly, just like the updated technology we see all around us today in cars, devices and other appliances, BBQ Grills also have "evolved" to a point where there are many new features and advances making a new BBQ grill purchase an alternative for some customers. We are glad to explain the new features and advances to you upon our visit for an inspection of your current BBQ Island or Outdoor Kitchen arrangement. We can show you various New BBQ Grills that can fit into the current BBQ Island cut-out - or we can provide a quote for a customization of your current BBQ Island in order to put in a different size BBQ Grill. If your grill is beyond repair, we offer a wide variety of new grills (click here)