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Echelon Diamond Portable Grills


Echelon Diamond Portable Grills

When only the best will do, our top of the line Fire Magic Echelon Diamond combines the ultimate in performance, beauty and innovation. With sleek lines, a unique contoured face and state-of-the-art features such as hot surface ignition, blue backlit knobs, a charcoal smoker basket (included with all Echelon Grills) and an optional Magic View window, Echelon Diamond defines luxury in grilling.

FM_E1060s-51_Echelon Portable Grill, Dig

Echelon E1060s Portable Grill

(Power Burner & optional Window shown)

FM_E790s-71_Echelon Portable Grill, Digi
FM_E1060s-62_Echelon Portable Grill, Ana

Echelon E1060s “A” Series Portable Grill

(Single Side Burner shown)

FM_E790s-71_Echelon Portable Grill, Anal

Echelon E790s “A” Series Portable Grill

(Double Side Burner shown)

FM_E660s-62_Echelon Portable Grill, Digi
FM_E660s-62_Echelon Portable Grill, Anal

Echelon E660s “A” Series Portable Grill

(Single Side Burner shown)

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