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FIREMAGIC Echelon Diamond Features

FM_Contoured Face with Knob Detail.jpg

When only the best will do, our top of the line Fire Magic Echelon Diamond combines the ultimate in performance, beauty and innovation. With sleek lines, a unique contoured face and state-of-the-art features such as hot surface ignition, blue backlit knobs, a charcoal smoker basket (included with all Echelon Grills) and an optional Magic View window, Echelon Diamond defines luxury in grilling.

FM_Diamond Sear Cooking Grids_2017.jpg

Diamond Sear Cooking Grids


All 304 stainless steel trapezoid cooking grids provide more optimal cooking surface for even heat and great searing.

FM_Hot Surface Ignition_2017.jpg

Hot Surface Ignition


Hot surface electronic ignition provides reliable lighting for every meal. Requires 120 Volt AC power supply.

FM_Contoured Face with Knob Detail.jpg

Contoured Face with Back-lit Knobs


Smooth, seamless lines with polished highlights that feature fully illuminated, comfort touch safety control knobs (flame turns red when on).

FM_Flavor Grids_2017.jpg

Flavor Grids


16-gauge stainless steel, flavor grids are engineered for durability, even heat distribution and reduced flare-ups.

FM_Charcoal-Smoker Basket_2017.jpg

Charcoal/Smoker Basket


Included with all Echelon Diamond grills at no additional charge. Great tool for charcoal grilling and smoking. Click here for more information.

FM_ Aurora Halogen Interior Lights Close

Halogen Interior Lights


Angled interior halogen lights make evening grilling a breeze.

FM_Heat Zone Separators_2017.jpg

Heat Zone Separators


Heat zone separators between each burner, flavor grid and cooking grid allow cooking an assortment of foods at different temperatures simultaneously, and provide better indirect cooking.

FM_Rounded Oven Hood_2017.jpg

Rounded Oven Hood


Double wall, seamless oven hood with featherlight easy lift, rounded for best convection cooking.

FM_E-Cast Stainless Steel

Cast Stainless Steel Burners


1/4” thick cast stainless steel “E” burners for consistent, even heat and a lifetime of durability.

FM_Quantum Backburner 2.jpg

Quantum Backburner


Recessed Quantum backburner made of stainless steel foam uses less BTU’s to generate efficient high heat for rotisserie cooking. Polished stainless steel cover included for protection.

FM_Echelon Chrome Digital

Digital Thermometer


Illuminated chromed digital thermometer with meat probe, timer and alarm settings for precise grilling.

FM_Magic View Window_2017.jpg

Optional Magic View Window


Optional Magic View Window available on all Echelon Diamond Grills.

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