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Aurora Side Cookers


Aurora Side Cookers

Fire Magic side burners are designed as companion side cookers. All side burners feature a matching face for either Echelon Diamond or Aurora Grills. Featuring a contoured face, back-lit control knobs, hot-surface ignition, and a power switch. All Echelon accessories plug in to the Echelon Diamond Grill transformers for power and Aurora accessories plug into the Aurora transformer.

FM_19-S0B1N-0_Cast Brass Burner And Stai

Aurora Power Burner
Model #: 19-SLB1N-0
(with Stainless Grid shown)

FM_3280_Single Side Burner-Counter Top.j

Drop-In Side Burner
Model #: 32884-1

FM_3281_Double Side Burner.jpg

Aurora Double Side Burner
Model #: 3281L (with Stainless Grid shown)

FM_3288L-1_Arora Double Searing Station.
FM_3279-1_Single Side Burner.jpg

Aurora Single Side Burner
Model #: 3279L-1 (with Stainless Grid shown)

FM_3287L-1_Aurora Searing Station_2017.j

Aurora Searing Station
Model #: 3287L-1

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