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Freestanding Grills

44 Sterling Patio Island (Hi Res).png

Sterling Patio FR Grill Series

The Sterling Patio FR is outfitted with the 100% infrared technology that we perfected in the Patio FR. Enjoy an incredible temperature range – from an ultra-low 200°F great for smoking and barbequing to a sizzling 900°F that leaves perfect sear marks on your steak. This beautiful grill features a handcrafted, contoured, double-walled hood and a sleek and sophisticated design that will make it the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. The Sterling Patio is made for entertaining.

26 Sterling Patio Pedestal.png

26” Sterling Patio FR – 1 Burner

296″ Square Cooking Surface
16 Burgers in 8-10 minutes

44 Sterling Patio Cabinet.png

44” Sterling Patio FR – 2 Burner

592″ Square Cooking Surface
32 Burgers in 8-10 minutes

Patio FR Grill Series

The Patio is back. The newest generation of the world’s first infrared grill. We still hit high—and even higher—highs, but we’ve dropped our lows to a temperate 200°F. And our 100% infrared grilling system—the only one available today—preserves up to 35% more of the natural essence already in your food. We may have even saved the best for last: it’s a lot of grill for your money.

26 Patio FR - Stainless Pedestal with Si

26″ Patio FR – 1 Burner

296″ Square Cooking Surface
16 Burgers in 8-10 minutes
Multiple Base Options Available

44 Patio FR - Stainless Cabinet with Sid

44″ Patio FR – 2 Burner

592” Square Cooking Surface
32 Burgers in 8-10 minutes

G Sport™ FR

We admit it. Telling you this is our everything grill is bold. But the G-Sport is TEC’s most versatile and affordable full-size grill. In fact, it’s the only full-size grill certified for use on combustible surfaces, including wood. Designed to be used on a table or countertop or as a freestanding grill on a pedestal, it can also be placed on an outdoor island as an alternative to a built-in grill – no cutout opening required. Plus it’s easy to transport to your favorite event or vacation destination.

G-Sport FR - Stainless Pedestal.jpg

1 Oversized Burner

309″ Square Cooking Surface
18 Burgers in 8-10 minutes

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