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26" Searmaster Built In Grill

26 Searmaster - No Hood.png
26 Searmaster - With Hood.png

26" Searmaster Built In Grill

The perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen! The Searmaster is a hoodless grill with the same great burner and glass emitter panel design and 100% infrared technology featured in our Patio and Sterling Patio grills. With no hood to obstruct beautiful scenic views or block your guests standing on the other side of the outdoor kitchen, it is ideal for socializing and entertaining. You’ll love the fun vibe that this grill adds to parties.

The Searmaster comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel top to keep the grill and grates covered and clean when not in use.


 *Fuel Type


   Natural Gas                 

Key Features:

• 1 fuel-efficient stainless steel burner that reaches higher temperatures (900° F) while using less fuel (30,000 BTUs/hr per burner) than other grills

• 296 sq. inches of evenly heated grilling surface capable of cooking 16 hamburgers in 8-10 minutes

• No hot or cold spots

• Warming rack (sold separately) provides an additional 95 sq. inches of area for light cooking, baking, or warming food

• Self-cleaning cooking surface protects burners and eliminates messy cleanup

• Flare-resistant design prevents charring of food

• Cooking surface can also be used as a conventional stove—more reliable than a side burner

• Electronic ignition

• 100% 304 stainless steel construction including cooking grates

• Handcrafted in America

Cutout Dimensions:

Width 23 1/8" X Depth 20" X Height 7 1/8"

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