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44 Pat-St Pat Gator Rack Oysters.jpg

Our Gator Rack is a double infrared smoker/roaster and fits across the entire cooking surface of your 44” Patio or Sterling Patio Grill. Big enough to accommodate a whole hog, several pork butts, or wings for a crowd, the Gator Rack will become your go-to accessory for entertaining. Manufactured of 304 stainless steel, this six-piece combo includes two slotted roasting racks, two heavy-duty, 12-gauge radiant drip trays, and two chip corrals. The roasting racks slide easily over the back of the grill’s hood body and extend to the front of the grill, leaving a small area of grate exposed where the chip corrals neatly contains wood chips when smoking. The radiant drip trays are designed to be placed beneath the meat rack, directly on top of the cooking grates. They not only collect the drippings from food but further slow the cooking process to ensure a low, slow barbeque, roasting, and smoking experience.

Watch our video on how to use the Gator Rack!

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