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Echelon Power Burner

FM_19-4B2N-0_Echelon Cast Brass Burner A

*Fuel Type:

  • Propane

  • Natural Gas

Echelon Power Burner
19-4B2N-0 (with Porcelain Grid shown)

The Echelon Power Burner is an outstanding side cooker giving you versatility in cooking. It has up to 60,000 BTU’s of cooking power, knob on left for inner burner has a range of 3,000-15,000 BTU’s. The larger knob on the right for the outer burner has a maximum of 45,000 BTU’s. The back-lit control knobs offer added aesthetics and visibility. The power switch offers easy operation. The Power Burner will plug into the Echelon Diamond or Aurora grill transformer to power. The burner is also offered as a battery operated version.


Burners: 60,000 BTU’s
Cutout dimensions: 19 “w x 18 3/4” d x 12″ h

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