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30" Series 7 Built In Grill Or On Cart Applications

BGC30-BQ-N BGC30-BQ-L_Open_Mug_CMYK.jpg

Grill Options: 

-Natural Gas

-Liquid Propane 

Model BGC30-BQ-N

Model BGC30-BQ-L


Series 7

DCS Outdoor Grills are simply the most advanced grilling system available for on-cart or built in applications. 

At DCS we combine the latest grilling technology and innovation to deliver the ultimate in outdoor cooking performance and control. Every DCS Grill is handcrafted and constructed entirely of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel.



Cooking surface area    748sq. in.

Full surface searing

Electronic Ignition powered by 9V battery 

Warming rack

Delivers 50,000 BTU/hr total power allowing you to precisely control heat from 300°F to 1100°F

Cut Out Dimensions: 

10 1/8"  X    28 1/2"    X    22 3/4"
    H                  W                  D

Grill Manual

DCS Grill Features

Stainless Steel Burner_74028_CMYK.jpg

Stainless Steel Burners

The precision ported U-­shaped stainless steel burners are rated at a massive 25,000BTU each, offering premium quality and performance. A heat shield directs heat upwards maximizing heating efficiency. 

Ceramic Radiant Technology_096_CMYK(1).j

Ceramic Radiant Technology

A layer of ceramic rods provides intense yet even heat. It gives a consistent grilling surface, with controlled heat rather than direct fire. 

BGC48-BQAR-N BGC48-BQAR-L_Feature_2415_C

Direct Burner Ignition

An ergonomic ignition solution, where burners are lit directly from the corresponding knobs. 

BGC48-BQAR-N BGC48-BQAR-L_Feature_2438_C

Drip Pan

DCS Grills feature a removable drip pan, conveniently located in a slide-­out tray to allow for easy cleaning. 


Temperature Gauge - zero to sear

Go from zero to sear with DCS Grills’ new built-in temperature gauge. It lets you know exactly how hot the grill is, even when the hood is down. 

The feature images used on this page are examples to demonstrate the product benefits and may differ to the actual product.

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