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30" Series 7 Liberty Built In Grill

BFGC-30G-N BFGC-30G-L_Mug_CMYK.jpg
BFGC-30G-N BFGC-30G-L_Mug_Cover_CMYK.jpg

Grill Options: 

-Natural Gas

-Liquid Propane 

Model BFGC-30G-N

Model BFGC-30G-L


Series 7

The Liberty Collection is a suite of outdoor cooking components that adjoin with themselves or to existing DCS by Fisher & Paykel Grills in any combination you desire including built-in islands. They give you the freedom to design your ideal outdoor kitchen island. The All-Grill unit of the Liberty Collection is a fully featured grill, which delivers professional performance and delicious results. 



Double sided grill grates 

Cooking surface area    525sq. in

Grease Management System 

Metal dials 

Electronic Ignition powered  

Stainless steel cover incl.

Delivers 50,000 BTU/hr total power allowing you to precisely control heat from 300°F to 1100°F

Cut Out Dimensions: 

10 1/8"   X    28 1/2"    X    22 3/4"
    H                  W                  D

Grill Manual

BGC48-BQAR-N BGC48-BQAR-L_Feature_2415_C

Direct Burner Ignition

An ergonomic ignition solution, where burners are lit directly from the corresponding knobs. 

Built-in Kitchen

Grease Management

The feature images used on this page are examples to demonstrate the product benefits and may differ to the actual product.

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