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Even More Accessories

AOG_CC36-D_36_ Portable Cover.jpg


Description                          Model 

24” Cover for Portable Grill    CC24-C

30” Cover for Portable Grill    CC30-C

36” Cover for Portable Grill    CC36-C

AOG_3282L_Double Side Burner, L-Series (

MODEL 3282T/L(P)

Double Side Burner

Cut Out: 11 1/2“ w x 22 3/4” d x 8 1/2” h

Enjoy precise flame control on each burner to prepare side dishes and sauces for you meal. Choose from electronic push button (L) or push-to-light (T) ignition systems. Comes with two 12,500 BTU’s burners, stainless steel rod grid, and stainless steel cover.

AOG_CB24-D_24_ Built-In Cover.jpg


Description                         Model

24” Cover for Built-In Grill    CB24-C

30” Cover for Built-In Grill    CB30-C

36” Cover for Built-In Grill    CB36-C



Aog Refrigerator

Cut Out: 20“ w x 22” d x 34 1/2” h

4.2 cubic foot. Interior light and security lock and key. Reversible door hinge. When used outdoors, it must be installed in an enclosure.

AOG_3283_Drop-In Side Burner.jpg

MODEL 3283(P)

Single Side Burner

Cut Out: 8 3/4“ w x 14 1/4” d

Drops into any custom grill island. Sized for sauce and saute pans. Cooking or reheating side dishes or sauces is quick and easy with a 15,000 BTU’s burner.

AOG_IRB-18_Infrared Burner.jpg


Infrared Burner

You can replace a standard burner with this Infrared Burner. It uses infrared heat to lock up juices for tender meat and full flavor. Perfect for an amazing seared steak.

AOG_GR18_Stainless Steel Griddle.jpg
AOG_3574_Grill Light.jpg


Stainless Steel Griddle

The new AOG Stainless Steel Griddle features a 304, 12 gauge stainless steel construction, removable drip tray and scratch resistant surface. This unique grilling accessory heats up fast and allows you to cook all your meals in your outdoor kitchen.

MODEL 3574

Aog Grill Light

This halogen 10-watt bulb light makes evening grilling easy when used with a “T” Series grill. Grill Light Bracket (#24-B-28) must be used with -OOSP models.

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